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WeAudition Hosts The 2023 Sundance Pre-party

The PreSundance 2023 Party LA, hosted by at the Intercrew restaurant, was a glamorous event held on the eve of the Sundance Film Festival. The party was held at the Intercrew restaurant, a popular eatery located in the heart of Hollywood known for its elegant atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

The red carpet was lined with celebrities, including actors, directors, and producers, all dressed to impress in their designer outfits. Some of those in attendance were Avengers: End Game's Carrie Bernans, Top Gun Maverick's Chelsea Harris, and Ted Lasso's Jimmy Arkingbola.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was electric as guests mingled and sipped on champagne. The dim lighting and soft music created a cozy and intimate ambiance, while the sleek and classy decor added a touch of elegance.

The highlight of the evening was a special performance by, Jeena Chong, who captivated the crowd with her mellifluous voice. The party also featured an open bar and a variety of delicious hors d'oeuvres., the event's host, is a well-known casting and audition platform that connects actors with casting directors and producers. They are known for their innovative ideas and attention to detail, which was evident in the PreSundance 2023 Party LA. They used the party as an opportunity to showcase their platform to the entertainment industry professionals and to network with them.

The party was also an opportunity for industry professionals to network and connect with one another. Many deals were made and new collaborations were formed as guests shared ideas and discussed potential projects.

As the night came to a close, guests left the party feeling energized and excited for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. The PreSundance 2023 Party LA was a success, with many guests praising the event for its incredible entertainment, delicious food and top-notch organization.

Overall, the PreSundance 2023 Party LA was a night to remember, filled with entertainment, networking opportunities, and delicious food and drinks. and Intercrew did an outstanding job of creating an unforgettable event that was enjoyed by all who attended. It was a perfect kickoff to the Sundance Film Festival, and everyone is looking forward to next year's party.

It was a great opportunity for to introduce their platform to the entertainment industry professionals and showcase the convenience and benefits it provides to both actors and casting directors. The platform simplifies the casting process and makes it more efficient, allowing actors to submit auditions from anywhere and casting directors to find the right talent easily.


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